BMW 1 Series ActiveE: Electric Sedan Innovation

BMW’s First Electric Car Series – BMW 1 Series ActiveE

BMW 1 Series ActiveE is an electrical sedan that can travel a long distance with full charge. It is available for lease in the metropolitan market for $499 per month. The team of BMW is going to research the development of an electrically powered vehicle. They will research to know about the customer tastes and preferences according to that they will manufacture the product. By the survey, they will collect the feedback from the customers that fed directly into the series of the production. It can travel high-speed up to 100 miles on full charge so you can reach your destination within a short period. They will design the model of the vehicle by using the latest technology. Stylish features and designs are attracted by the people. Designers of BMW design the exterior and interior of the vehicle very effectively. The group has been successful in reducing fuel consumption so that you can save more money. They make innovative thoughts for producing the vehicle. They use lightweight material for the construction of the sedan and the best engine management. It consists of highly efficient engine generations and improvement of aerodynamics.

BMW Urban Sedan Concept: Emission-Free Mobility

BMW team develops the sedan concept in large urban areas for emission-free mobility by using battery power and sustainably produced hydrogen. It produces 170 horsepower and a maximum torque of 184 lb-ft, and in less than 9 seconds the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph. The new lithium-ion batteries increase your vehicle range by around 100 miles in everyday driving. The body of the vehicle looks awesome everyone will be attracted to the exterior look of the car. You can find car reviews and different specifications on the internet. You can know the benefits and detailed information about the sedan. If you like all the specifications including the price you can purchase online. An innovative design gives the vehicle an even more dynamic appearance. Graphic elements which are used in the vehicle give a different appearance. Blue shadowing gives additional attraction.

BMW 1 Series ActiveE: Unique Features

BMW 1 Series ActiveE has the most unique features that give an extra appearance to your vehicle. The entire closed rear end is a distinctive feature of this car which indicates that the vehicle is free of emissions. The Silver-blue accentuating trim is located in the closed rear apron. They are using the latest and qualitative wheels to increase the performance of the car. It is equipped with 16-inch alloy lightest wheels to have a smooth drive. They design the interior of the car with extraordinary components. Door linings and Dashboard are installed with Alpine white interior trim. For electric cars control system is very important they provide a better controlling system. It does not give any engine sound when you start up the vehicle. If the needle comes at the bottom left of the instrument it indicates that the vehicle is not ready if it is standstill the needle in the middle position indicates the vehicle is ready to drive. BMW 1 Series ActiveE provides safety features to protect the driver as well as passengers who are traveling in the vehicle. If you want further improvement of the vehicle now it is possible through ECO PRO mode. It improves the functionality and performance of the vehicle.

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