Top Tips for Happy Car Rentals

Car Rental Tips

Alamo Car Rental has compiled a checklist to keep your little horrors happy in the car over the holidays on the back of its special offers over Easter.

Dawn Clayton, Marketing Manager for Alamo said; Whether it is an Easter break for two or a family getaway, everyone can afford to get on the road and explore the fabulous cities and stunning countryside with our great offers this Easter.

The tips follow:

  1.  Make sure small children are sitting high enough to see out of the window and that they are in suitable seating for their age.
  2. Keep the car well-ventilated or hire a car with air conditioning. This will make children more comfortable and can help avoid travel sickness.
  3. Avoid heavy meals, particularly meals with high-fat content, before and during travel. Keep snacks and drinks plain and encourage children to sip water rather than gulp it.
  4. Create a travel journal or make a map of where you are going to keep children interested in the journey and the landmarks they will see along the way.
  5. Consider travelling overnight so children can sleep through the journey. Some families find an early morning start preferable. Allow the children to sleep for a few hours in the car and then stop for breakfast when they wake.
  6. Allow for plenty of time for the journey and include frequent stops – this also gives mum and dad a chance to share the driving.
  7. Hire a bigger vehicle so that everyone is comfortable if you are at risk of having too much luggage.
  8. Avoid hand-held computer games if children are prone to car-sickness instead, go for old favourites like I-Spy.
  9. Also, take an old favourite toy and something new that the children have never seen before to keep them interested for longer.
  10. If all else fails, take a portable DVD player – guaranteed to keep the kids happy for hours!

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