Mastering Bottom Hunt Spearfishing: Techniques and Tips

4 key stages

There are 4 key stages of an average dive at spearfishing with the bottom hunt spearfishing technique. Each of them lasts about 30 seconds:

  1. Conducting a calm dive to the depth (approx. 20 metres)
  2. Bottom time should not exceed 30 seconds
  3. Potentially getting close to a fish and waiting for a shot. Each hunter is to make his judgement as to how long he will persevere at stage 3
  4. The last stage of the dive that must not be neglected is the time needed for the return to the surface. Underwater hunters should lay all their attention and concentration on the performance of the dive with this spearfishing technique.

Why lure the fish?

It may happen that while waiting the hunter notices the hesitation or excitement of the fish. At such a moment he may well use some of the luring techniques. By these, the fish become curious and start approaching. Usually, we employ different gargling sounds from the throat or mouth. The hunter is not to move at that time. That precise ‘something’ that successfully lures the fish, however, is usually kept a well-hidden secret by the experienced hunters. Being highly demanding, the spearfishing technique of waiting at depth demands the choice of professional equipment. When it comes to purchasing diving equipment, saving is not a safe bet. Second-hand or damaged wetsuits will increase the loss of body heat and by doing so increase the use of oxygen at each dive. This fact needs to be taken into account as on it depends the length of apnea of the underwater hunter, as well as his safety. We should add to this point the importance of carefully selected swim fins, as their quality, hardness and material strongly influence displacement. This has an important role when ascending back to the surface.

Length of the speargun

The length of the speargun is usually somewhat greater for this technique of spearfishing while waiting at depth. 110cm in length or even longer, the spearguns can also be heavier or robust, enabling the use of a thicker harpoon, which in return increases the penetration. The manoeuvrability of the speargun does not play a key role in this technique of spearfishing.

Important spearfishing tips:

  1. The spearfishing technique of waiting at depth should always be conducted in the vicinity of a boat, from which someone carefully monitors our diving and times the length of apnea. If there are no strong currents, there is no need to anchor the boat as the proximity of the boat will be of no disturbance to the fish at depth.
  2. The choice of depth at which your hunt is to be carried out should be adjusted to your psycho-physical abilities and current condition and level of fitness. The diving reflex can be very different!
  3. When the sea cools down, the safety factor for the length of the dive should be adequately increased.

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