Continuous Cruising on the Waterways – Is It Right For You?

The idea of continuous cruising can seem very appealing to people who are just getting into full-time boating. The mind conjures up thoughts of meandering down the waterways on a bright sunny day, listening to the wildlife and waving to fellow boaters as you pass by, and mooring at a canalside cafe for afternoon tea. All very pleasant. But what is the reality of continuous cruising? When continuously cruising, you will constantly move along the waterways every few days or weeks. You are expected to cover a certain distance, and simply traveling between 2 or 3 points is not allowed. This can pose difficulties if you are location-dependent through jobs, schools, or other commitments.

So is continuous cruising right for you and your circumstances?

This article will give you some things to think about that you may not have considered and open your eyes to what continuous cruising involves. It is not written to try and put you off the idea of being a continuous cruiser, but merely to point out some of the less desirable aspects, and give you a more balanced view of the way of life you are considering. If after weighing up all the pros and cons of being constantly on the move you still like the idea, then push forward and make it happen. There is something magical about the waterways, and that opening line about meandering along, stopping at cafes, and waving to fellow boaters, certainly is a pleasant part of the narrowboating life. So let’s take a closer look at what continuous cruising involves.

What is Continuous Cruising?

Simply put, continuous cruising is exactly how it sounds – you will cruise continually throughout the term of your license. You will not be moored in one spot, as with a home mooring, but will have to continually move along the waterways every few days or weeks depending on the timescale limits of the visitor mooring you are moored at. This will not cause you an issue if your goal is to navigate the waterways on a continuous journey. However, if you are looking to hold down a job, have children in school, or need to remain in one area, these restrictions will cause you problems, and continuous cruising may not be an option for you.

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