Cost-Effective Tips for Returning Hire Cars

Returning Hire Cars

The cost of leasing or hiring a vehicle for a long or short period is cost-effective when matched up against how cost-effective to purchase the vehicle outright. Therefore, in this current climate most individuals who are interested in or, need the use of a car will go down the leasing/hire route, saving money in the long term. It all sounds quite good until the lease runs out or you decide to give the vehicle back and you are hit with a huge bill for Body Work Repairs. Even though you thought you looked around the vehicle thoroughly and discounted some minor damage like scuffs or scratches, the lease or hire car company will be a lot more thorough, and inspect everything. When they spot some potential damage they would have to get the vehicle repaired at a body shop at their rates which are quite expensive.

Vehicle Repair Costs

The cost will be passed on to you the customer who will either have to pay for the repair/s outright or pay the vehicle excess for each individual repair which can mount up to tho must bear in mind that not all companies will charge you for every chip and scratch, the tolerances vary from one hire company to the next on the degree of acceptable wear and tear they are allowed to accept. If you find your vehicle has some minor damage on it and it’s due to go back, remember that you don’t have to go to a main dealer to get this work carried out. The BVRLA fair wear & tear guide will inform you that the damage can be repaired any where as long as they are to an acceptable standard.

Mobile Car Repairs

A Mobile Car Body Repair service can offer you a free and impartial inspection of the vehicle on what is acceptable and what will not by the lease or hire Car Company. Some mobile Car Body Repair services will issue you with a free report stating what would need to be repaired and at what cost. They can guarantee that any repair like a Bumper Scuff, Key Scratch Repair, Stone Chip, seat burn, alloy wheel repair or dent can be carried out and will be up to 70,% cheaper than the body shop and option. u p torefore, if you wish to save on returning your hire car, use a mobile car body repair service for the repairs can be completed at your home or place of work as long as they have access to electricity and can park next to your vehicle. As soon as the mobile car body repair technician is finished the repair will be weather proof and ready to drive. When returning to the lease or hire car company you can have peace of mind that you will have no hefty bill to pay or embarrassing moments owning up to any damage on the car.

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