Essential Car Accessories: Enhance and Protect Your Vehicle

Car Accessories are Necessary

Everyone loves to decorate their cars and car accessories are the best way to add charm to your vehicle. With the help of different types of accessories available in the market, the vehicle can be customized according to one’s taste. There are so many stylish and trendy accessories that match every car available in the market. With this style, the prices of car accessories go high. One of the most common and also cheapest among other car accessories is car stickers which always attract the younger crowd. Moving from the most affordable to expensive we have a trendy blacklight, neon headlights, a CD player, or even a DVD player.

Car music systems

This is something every car owner will fit in his or her car. As everyone loves to listen to music while driving, they will opt for the best audio system available in the market. It must carry a good sound system. The car music system that we have at home is completely different from the one at home. Sometimes there will be distortion in the sound which can be removed by fixing some additional accessories supporting the audio system. The car audio systems vary in price. They range between Rs.2, 000- Rs.1, 00,000, whereas the speakers start from Rs. 1,000 onwards, Amplifiers are available from Rs.1, 000 onwards and the woofers start from Rs.1, 000 onwards. Car Seat covers – They are one of the most important accessories of a car.

The seats often tend to get dirty and one cannot keep changing the original seat as that will be an expensive affair. The best way to protect seats is by using seat covers. They come in different materials like fabric, leather, etc with attractive designs and start from Rs.750/- onwards. Interior Mirrors: The rearview mirror gives the driver a clear vision of the traffic behind. There will be different sizes of these mirrors in the market. It comes as a standard feature with every car. Sun Visors: Another standard feature of the car.

Car Accessories Guide

It plays a very important role when the harsh and the bright light against the driving. These sun visors slide for extra window coverage in carsUV Rays Shields: They help to reduce the cabin temperature and protect your car from the damaging sun rays that penetrate the front windshield and start with the price range of Rs. 2000 onwards. Car Perfumes: One gets to see a small bottle spreading its aroma inside the cabin. They come in different flavors. They make your car smell fresh and nice taking away the odor from the car and are available between Rs. 200- Rs.10, 000. Steering Wheel Covers: There are different types of them like leather and cloth with amazing colors and designs.

It not only protects the steering wheel but also offers a firm grip to the driver. They start with the price tag of Rs. 500 onwards Wheel Cups: The wheel covers or cups protect the wheel and also give a nicer look to the car. They start from the price range of Rs, 1,000 onwards. Car Covers: It is very important to protect the car from dirt, rain, and other stuff. A cover also helps the car from fading which happens to the harsh rays of the sun. In today’s pollution, it is highly necessary to safeguard the car with a cover which ranges between Rs. 500-Rs.4, 000.

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