Effective Spear Fishing Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide

Spearfishing techniques

Several different kinds of hunting represent spearfishing techniques, each of them adjusted to specific species of fish. The spearfishing techniques are adapted to the configuration of the shore, weather conditions, and also the type of sea. A few basic parameters are enumerated that influence the species of fish that is to be hunted, and which technique will be used for that purpose. The spear hunter must first learn which factors have the greatest influence on the fish’s behavior and which factors further influence the choice of individual spearfishing technique.

Differences and characteristics of the following techniques will be described here:

  1. Shallow water hunt while stalking the fish; we will describe how to move silently, dive silently, how to distribute weights correctly; the behavior of fish upon encounter with a hunter, how to use the camouflage to your advantage, and other details.
  2. Bottom hunt; we will describe the correct breathing technique before apnea, the weighting of the hunter while bottom hunting, the choice of the right terrain, the length of the speargun, and details about waiting for or luring the fish.
  3. Blue water hunt; we will describe how to choose the right location, provide some advice on the best directions from which to approach by boat, the hunting techniques and waiting for the fish in blue water, and the basic differences with the equipment for blue water hunt.
  4. Spearfishing under rocks; we will describe how to find fish in caves and under rocks, the type of spearguns to be used, and we will provide some advice on the choice of the right terrain and basic characteristics of fish species hunted in this technique.
  5. A combination of hunting techniques; we will describe the circumstances in which two or three underwater hunting techniques can be used simultaneously.

I am confident you will find plenty of interesting information in this text, which will be interesting also for professional hunters. While searching for ideas, you will surely find some bits of information pearls that can add their share to the mosaic of underwater hunting.

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